New Life, New Game

In just about 2.5 weeks, I’m set to graduate from university. The big date? June 11, 2014.

That day marks the end of my five year stint at Queen’s and the official beginning of my post-grad life.

When I left school a month ago and moved back home, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. And I’m still not quite sure. I began university majoring in the Sciences, believing that I’d become a doctor or at least pursue grad school but the closer it came to making that decision, the more I balked. Due to a lot of different reasons, my heart just doesn’t lie in that area anymore. At least not currently.

So that left me with what I want to do. Here I am, a twenty-something Biology and English grad, fresh out of school and ready for the real world – kind of.. Having spent so much of my time believing that I would just continue on in a science-related career, I’m now faced with a world full of endless possibilities.

The more I peruse the internet to find other post-grad stories, the more I realize that there are literally thousands of things I can do. Now, I’ve always been a writer and blogger at heart so I thought, why not document this journey? There are a ton of adjustments I’m going to have to make now that I was at home again so why don’t I do one of the things I do best: write.

With that said, welcome to The Post-Grad Game, a blog on all the different aspects of the post-grad life.

Everything from my random musings about school, work, and life in general to hopefully documenting the occasional chats with post-grads on what they’re doing with their lives. My hope is to provide you, my dear readers, with an idea of what else is out there if you also find yourself stuck in this weird limbo between school and real life.

So let’s hop on this boat ride together and help each other out, yeah?


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